Hmm… The first thing I would do if I received some incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news is scream, release some tears of joy and jump up and down in excitement, disbelief or amazement, or all three. Like the time I received a call saying that I was selected as one of the students eligible for receiving a gift voucher from the bank because of my excellent performances at school, I jump up and down and started screaming! I was like… "OMG! A dream come true! Thank you, Jesus!" I really needed the money to cover some expenses and to save up for future expenditures and, I was elated. The second time I received good news, I did the same thing. This was when my godsister, Ivana called me to tell me my results from the Examination Website online (my internet was off). As soon as she said "OMG Jubi, you're a boss", my heart contracted. And then she said "A Distinction in History! OMG! Congratulations". I started crying with tears of joy. Then she started listing the 8 other distinction subjects and 2 Grade 1's and 2 Grade 2's . I started screaming and jumping up and down with disbelief. Disbelief because, I scored higher points than most of my friends.

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