Daily Prompt: Mad as a Hatter

This is such a funny story to tell now that I look back at it but at the time of the incident I was as mad as a hatter.

Again, I was put in a situation where I was asked and took on the duty of coordinating a major event for school. My classmates and “friends ” did not know this because I feel very uncomfortable telling them when I’m asked to do things because they let out waves of jealousy unconsciously in front of me or grudgingly behind my back. Anyway, on the day of the event a group comprising of both my “friends” and “non – friends” had to perform a piece. Their item was placed after an item that I had to do because my item was replacing another item that was cancelled a few minutes before.

In my mind, the cancelled item no longer posed a problem because my item (which was not on the programme) would now fill in for it. But we all can attest to the fact that when things are starting to get better, someone or something always try to mess up the whole thing. So this group that I mentioned above they developed a grudge against me because I was with the coordinators doing my thing, directing and doing what I was told by the persons above me to do. They voiced that I was “playing boss” and “think I’m all that” and “pushing my self in things” when they did not even know of my responsibilities. And I take my responsibilities very seriously. So, they tried to mess with how the programme was going to prove a point to me (apparently I was supposed to cry or something). They moved their item up, through the stage manager, to be performed before mine on the programme because one of them falsely complained about her father waiting outside for her. I got incredibly angry because she was lying and then she started arguing about me thinking that I could “take over” and “playing a boss” and stuff like that which I ignored because I knew that if I took her on I’d get violent. So while the curtains were closed, I said very loudly ” I am not going to tolerate any nonsense like that. I was told by the stage manager that my item was placed here (i indicated where) and that their’s is placed there.” Then the stage manager who was going to go behind my back to put their’s before mine (she was trying to be slick and sleezy) started to console me. I moved away. And the host started consoling me and kissing me but I continue by telling them not to console me because the nonsense has to stop. I wanted to go home too. I was in school all day helping to set up while their behinds were at home dollling up to come back so i wasn’t taking anything. And then, I just said you know what, let them go first because whether or not my item goes first or last, we’re performing in front of the same damn crowd and everyone will cheer for both our items so I let them go first. But trust me, I would’ve battled my way until I got to go before them but I’ve learnt that in life, sometimes its better to be happy than right.

Anywho, just so you know, the girl’s father was nowhere outside waiting for her damn lying self. Because after the dance, she was dressing and dolling up to go and model in the fashion segment, and after the concert was over about 15 to 20 minutes after their performance, her ass was downstairs trying to take pictures with everybody. << I learnt from that experience though; that's why a lot them will forever be referred to as my classmates or associates or "friends".


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