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Merryyyy Christmas, Bloggers !

Merry Christmas from me to youuu ! Enjoy the season :* Be blessed !


A tragic tale

       I am a blogger for many blogs and I am 17 years of age at present. I recently graduated from High School and I just re-entered for the more advanced, pre-university courses.

      In the above paragraph, my life seems all planned out and organised and, I seem to have everything well aligned. I beg you reader to think differently of me because everyday I well blog about how horrible my life is as a teenager, both at home and at school. My reputation has been tampered with and tarnished because so many people envy the fact that I’m dedicated to my work, or try to be. And that, makes me sad and a little depressed sometimes. I have refused to improve my English because onlookers may refer to me as being cocky or “thinking I’m all that” when in reality, I’m just trying to make something out of myself. I don’t live in the most glamorous house, nor do I wear the fanciest clothes as much as I may want to but I never complain. No. I complain sometimes, when life gets overbearing. Most times, however, I make use of what I have and what my mother can afford. She’s a single parent, you know. And sometimes life gets tough.

       Aside from my family and school dilemma, I have myself to deal with on a personal basis. I can’t judge anyone before I judge myself, and sometimes I try to figure out where I’ve gone wrong. I’ve been searching for me for a very long time. Especially, since technology has advanced drastically and I’ve lost my key to expression. Technology, especially gadgets and social media help to soothe the hurt that we feel and the pain that’s inflicted on us on a daily basis. But I’ll write to you everyday, my dear blog.

        Keep me in your prayers. :*